Faculty & Staff

Sarah Naramore

Visiting Assistant Professor of History
A.B., Lafayette College; M.A., Ph.D., University of Notre Dame


Sarah E. Naramore teaches courses in United States History and history of science and medicine. Her research explores the development of American medicine in the period after Independence focusing on the years 1780-1820. Her graduate training focused on both the history and philosophy of science and American history with areas of concentration in early American history, history of medicine and biological sciences, and environmental history. Dr. Naramore is especially interested in the intersections between culture, politics, and science and brings those questions into her courses.

Dr. Naramore is currently working on her first book project “I Sing the Body Republic: How Benjamin Rush Created American Medicine.” Her research focuses on the work of Philadelphia physician Benjamin Rush (1745-1813) and his attempt to promote a new medical system designed to promote the social and political values of the Early American Republic and combat the unique health challenges presented by American culture and climate. In addition to Rush himself, the project investigates the careers of Rush’s approximately 2,000 medical students who formed the first American-educated cohort of doctors who dominated American medicine through the middle of the nineteenth century. Dr. Naramore has received research funding from the College of Physicians of Philadelphia, Consortium for the History of Science, Technology and Medicine, and the Library Company of Philadelphia.