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The following are some questions frequently asked about the History major and related subjects:

Q: Can I take two sections of History 100?
A: No. College and departmental requirements are that each student should take no more than ONE History 100 course in their time at Sewanee.

Q: Can I take a History 100 AND the Humanities sequence?
A: No. EITHER one of these satisfies the distribution requirements.

Q: Does credit earned on the European Studies program count toward the Major?
A: Yes, the Western Europe option of European Studies brings credit for TWO three-hour courses. For students majoring in European History, these count toward the major and the concentration; for students with other concentrations they count in the major but outside the concentration.

The Classical option of ES brings credit for ONE three-hour course in European history–the same principles apply as above.

Sewanee: The University of the South